Welcome to the Artemisia & Rue Herbal Community

My love of herbal medicine has been decades-long affair. It began as a passionate adventure in listening to and following my heart, in doing what I love most! In 1996, I opened an apothecary and began to teach and work privately with clients, which I do to this day. Since that time I have trained hundreds of herbalists and it brings me a great sense of joy and fulfillment to know that those seeds have spread far and wide and are blooming. My dream has come true!

Artemisia & Rue continues to grow and thrive as an herbal education program with a small community herbal pharmacy. We make and dispense custom tinctures, our favorite teas and select essential oils. I continue to see clients in my private practice, teach and train at both a local and international level, while focusing on serving another need which is to write and publish my work.

I am deeply and forever grateful to each of you in this community. You have guided, supported and made my work possible in the world. I bow with love to each and every one of you and look forward to continuing the journey in a new and deeply nourishing way.

Shelley Torgove, Clinical Herbalist and Principle Instructor