Outdoor Herb School

In order to truly learn herbal medicine you must travel to the places where wild plants grow! Join us as we get our hands in contact with the Earth and her wild plant medicines. The Outdoor Herb School is designed take you to the naturally abundant and beautiful, wild ‘medicine gardens’ of the Rocky Mountains and the Desert Southwest to collect herbs and make medicines.

We will teach you the practical tools needed to identify and gather wild plants safely and are committed to sharing and passing on the traditional teaching of wildcrafting: the skill of gathering wild plants in wild places. The importance of this cannot be overstated. It is what keeps the medicine in the hands of the people and also the treasure that transforms knowledge of herbs into the wisdom of knowing the medicines. It is an essential skill of the Community Herbalist!

As we gather wild medicinal herbs, digging in the Earth to gather roots, you will learn the physical healing aspects of the plants- ‘the so-below’ medicine. Through Earth-centered ceremony you will also be steeped in the traditions of the ‘as-above’ medicines: the spiritual healing aspects of the plants.

Our trip will bring together the best teachers and wild plant people from Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. We will spend time learning from Donna Chesner, Michael Cottingham, Debra Brandt and Beverly McFarland {Shelley’s NOTE: there is no other program I know of that offers students the opportunity to be exposed to so many wild medicine plants and truly amazing teachers all on one trip. I am delighted to get to co-teach with these magnificent and wise teachers.}

Cost and Dates: TBD based on availability- students enrolled in the Herbal Studies & Immersion Programs will have priority.

Additional expenses include: Medicine making supplies, basic gathering tools, field books, cost of travel and minimal lodging costs for nights we stay at hot springs.

Shelley’s Note: “Over half of my herbal training was out in the field–month long plant gathering trips at the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine–with Michael Moore and Donna Chesner. We went on incredible trips into the desert and mountains. They even took us on a totally crazy, plant-filled adventure into the Ozarks. We ended up with equal amounts of mosquito bites and itchy poison ivy. Every moment of it was worth the amazing fresh plant tinctures and medicinal plants we gathered. I can say that the ‘official’ beginning of my herbal practice and the beginning of my first herb store started out in 1993 in the back of my Toyota pick-up!”