Denver community herbalist

Dani Otteson

Dani Otteson is a graduate of the Community Herbalist Certification Program at Artemisia & Rue. She loves blending custom flower essences, tinctures, and teas just for YOU! Dani has her own line of Punk Rock Teas for the store! She has worked in the natural foods and healing industry for over 10 years, and has developed a deep knowledge of supplements and natural skincare.  Herbal medicine is her life’s passion; she can’t think of anything better than studying and teaching Latin names and therapeutic uses of plants – except maybe using them to make medicines! Dani teaches many community classes and leads herb walks.

“Dani is the one in the store and in class that I can count on to remember and recall all the details of what she has learned. She remembers more of what I have taught than I do! She sits close to me in class- close enough so that when I forget to say something, I can just look at her way and smile- and she jumps in with the information or answer needed. She has a deep working knowledge of the plants, a strong spirit connection to the remedies and a gentle heart- all the qualities that make for a great herbalist and teacher.”
~Shelley Torgove