Denver community herbalist

Letitia Salazar Monk

Letitia’s experience with plant medicines began with her own quest for healing in a traditional setting in her native New Mexico. Plants have made themselves her life companions; they nurture our bodies and reconnect us to our intuitive selves…our roots.  Her formal education has includes an apprenticeship with a traditional Curandera, training in body work and a program specializing in herbal medicine for women. Most recently-Leticia completed degree in Botany!  Her travels, studies and work with clients continue to reveal how our inner and outer healing processes are inextricably connected. Letitia takes a multilayered approach to healing with botanical medicines…helping to equip her clients with tools for self-care that can be drawn upon over time.

“Letitia is one of a kind! She is one of those truly wise women. She weaves her plant wisdom into a multi-cultural model of healing that supports community. I consider her a dear colleague and would very readily seek her guidance in all areas! Thanks for being part of our team!”
~Shelley Torgove

Available consultation hours:

Wednesday & Thursday
12, 1:30, 3 & 4:30 pm

2 & 3:30 pm