Denver community herbalist

Monticue Connally

Monticue Connally is a graduate of the Artemisia & Rue Community Herbalist Program, a Certified Reiki Master & a former student of the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Herbs and Alternative healing methods have been a lifelong interest for the Denver native who uses consultations, workshops and music to teach people in urban areas how to access the many medicines growing around them. Affectionately known as “Bear Man” by his colleagues for his love of nature, bears and the sacred mountain plant known as Osha, his enthusiasm and charismatic demeanor make him pure fun to learn from. Intuitive wisdom combined with a deep working knowledge of the plants, makes him a practitioner skilled in meeting people where they are.

“It’s simple…Monticue is loved by all! If you ask to see his Materia Medica Notebook from my herb program, he will carry in three volumes and thirty pounds of notebooks! Monticue will make you laugh and make you cry- with his wisdom, his songs and his humor. He is an herbalist through and through. I got lucky that he decided to study with me. My plan- keep Monticue around for a long, long time and do anything possible to support him in carrying his medicine and message into the world. He is intuitive, spiritual and smart- impossible not to love him!”
~Shelley Torgove