Herbalist Michelle-Castor

Michelle Castor

Michelle Castor is as a Community Herbalist & Educator and Licensed Massage Therapist. She has over 8 years of intensive study in Western Herbal Medicine, with specific training in herbal medicine for women. She is involved in an ongoing study & apprenticeship with traditional Curandera, Estela Roman. At the heart of her work is compassion and a commitment to providing access to holistic and transformative care to all people, without judgment, honoring that we are each our own authority on our bodies. In her work, she aims to be a partner in each person’s healing and to honor each person’s whole self & their individual health goals. Michelle is passionate about prenatal care, pain management, stress & mental wellness, hormonal support, uterine care, wellness for LGBTQ folks, as well as supporting you in everyday health issues. Michelle is bilingual, English or Spanish. You choose!

“Words can’t express how happy I am to have Michelle as part of our team. She is a solid, well-trained herbalist, a powerful force for change out there in the world and a kind and loving woman. Michelle ventured with me to Mexico in 2006 to work with Estela Roman and how lucky we all are that her work with Estela continues. Michelle’s herbal work and way of being in the world infuse all of us with traditional healing wisdom from a deep and feminine perspective. Thank you Michelle, thank you Estela. A powerful ‘curandera’ in her own right, Michelle is someone I would trust to help me with anything and everything!” ~Shelley Torgove