Becoming a Green Goddess—Herbs & Earth Centered Healing for Women

March 16-18, Thursday evening (6:30-9:30) Friday & Saturday (10-3)

Are you a green goddess at heart? Do you long to be part of a vibrant herbal healing tradition? If the answer is yes, join us! Whether you are newly curious or already deeply passionate about herbal healing, this weekend is for you. Wisdom teachings of all traditions teach us that herbs work if you know how to use them and that the only place we can ever start the healing journey is with ourselves. These practical and inspiring herbal teachings are designed for self-care, so you can take better care of yourself and gain the essential herbal wisdom needed to nourish yourself and those you love. This is a foundational class for those just starting out or an intermediate level class for those wanting to go deeper into the study herbal medicine. You will leave steeped in herbal wisdom and excited to dance in the great mystery that is your life!

Teachings and Topics Include:

  • The Art of Herbal Storytelling
  • Introduction to Herbal Medicine & How to study Plants
  • The Best Herb Books and How to Use Them Effectively
  • Herbal Preparations Overview
  • New Vocabulary for the Herbalist
  • Nutritive Teas and Why They Form the Foundation of Self-Care
  • The Importance of Folk Medicine Traditions

Beginning Your at-Home Herbal Apothecary
With: Shelley Torgove, Clinical Herbalist

Location: Shelley’s House
Cost: $250

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