Denver herbal pharmacy

Creating an Herbal Home Apothecary

Wednesday, December 6 (6:30-9:30)
Your herbal pharmacy is a healing altar filled with vibrancy and life. We will draw on spiritual healing traditions and practices of wise-women the world over to bring plant magic and splendor into our herbal spaces.
I have seen students create sacred herbal rooms, beautiful labels, and incredible remedies. Having herbs at home in bottles and jars brings you closer and closer to the medicine of the plants! You will begin to learn in ways that will surprise you. I promise. I will share with you where to buy bulk herbs at wholesale prices, resources for bottles and jars and what it looks like to begin building an herbal pharmacy from scratch for your family and community. Herbs only work if you have them on-hand, at home when you need them! Join me in circle as we talk about what to keep in your kitchen, which essential oils should be in your bathroom cabinet and what to begin growing in your garden.
Cost: $40
With Shelley Torgove, Clinical Herbalist

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