Medicines of the Earth—Outdoor Herbal Wisdom Circle Teachings for Each Season

 July 14-15, October 20-21, December 1-2, April 20-21 (2018)
4 Friday Nights (6:30-9:30) and all day Saturday (10-3)

Join us for a series of seasonal medicine making circles as we meet the plants and make medicines. You’ll meet the most important herbal allies that are up and about each season. Friday nights are dedicated to learning medicine making techniques, and our Saturdays will be spent learning the plants in the places they grow. We will spend time in the garden, in the wild and the kitchen making our remedies. When we work with plants and place in this way, we are practicing bioregional herbalism – using the medicine plants of our region to help us heal. We make medicines because we love and trust the earth. We gather in circles in the wild and the gardens because it is how we heal. We make remedies from medicine plants because we know we need this skill. Self-reliance and knowledge of herbal medicines are critical for self-care and the care of your family! And the learning is fun! Instructions for class will be given including what you need to bring in the way of jars, clippers, vinegar, alcohol, oils and honey – this way you will be making the medicines you connect with in the form that is right for you! Classes include guided meditation, song, drumming and ceremony.
SUMMER (fresh plant tinctures/vinegar & honey extracts)- in the wild

FALL (dry plant tinctures and garden medicines)- in the garden

WINTER (herbal tea blending & elixirs and syrups)- in the kitchen

SPRING (infused oils & salves, poultices)- herb walk & indoor class

With: Shelley Torgove, Clinical Herbalist
Cost: $540       Single Season Class: $160

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