Spiritual Teachings of the Medicine Plants: One Plant, One Topic, Many Teachings

7 Wednesday Evenings (1x per month) August 23 (2017) – February 21 (2018)

Teachings evolve over time, as do teachers. As a teacher of herbal medicine for 25 years, I know that I can best share and teach that which inspires me at the deepest level. This class offering is a reflection of that commitment. The ‘Medicine Plants’ bring many messages and teachings. When this wisdom is understood, cultivated and practiced, powerful growth and change is possible. Life becomes less of a struggle. I will share with you what I know about each topic in a practical way and share personal stories of how my life has been touched and transformed by this wisdom. These teachings are very dear to me, they reflect how I live and how I think about and respond life. Each of the plant medicines is very dear to me. We will cover the physical medicine of the plants and the spiritual wisdom of the medicines. The classes are herbal by nature, but spiritual by design. Each class will have handouts, recipes and a remedy to take home. Come with an open heart and a willingness to look inwardly.

Basil- Humility– Weds, August 23
Kava- Surrender – Weds, September 20
Marigold- Grace– Weds, October 18
Lavender- Loyalty– Weds, November 15
Echinacea- Courage– Weds, December 20
Wild Oats-Freedom– Weds, January 31 (2018)
Lemon Balm- Compassion– Weds, February 21 (2018)

With: Shelley Torgove, Clinical Herbalist
Series Cost: $350  

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