Walking the Labyrinth of Your Life Using Herbal Allies for Guidance

Wednesday, May 31 (6:30-9:30)
Come find out what speaks to your spirit. In this circle, we will explore the reality that many of us feel lost in our lives right now or we feel we just haven’t found our paths. Now is the time to go deeper and see what you can learn. I will share plants that help open us up. We will talk about the spiritual principles of surrender, courage, and compassion and the plants that encourage the deepening of those qualities in each of us individually and collectively. We will talk about the freedom inherent in doing work we love and more importantly how the universe conspires to help us to live a life of love and service. Let’s use herbs to nourish the development of this gift. You might wonder which plants help with this? My experience is Kava Kava, Nettles, Wild Oats and Lemon Balm. And of course, Lavender!
Cost: $40
With Shelley Torgove, Clinical Herbalist

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