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Flower Essence

Flower Essences Flower Essences are subtle, vibrational remedies for specific emotional states. Developed by the famous English physician Dr. Edward Bach over 75 years ago, they facilitate healing in a simple yet powerful way. By focusing on imbalances in the emotional body, they can bring deep healing on mental, physical and spiritual levels. The remedies […]

Monticue Connally

“It’s simple…Monticue is loved by all! If you ask to see his Materia Medica Notebook from my herb program, he will carry in three volumes and thirty pounds of notebooks! Monticue will make you laugh and make you cry- with his wisdom, his songs and his humor. He is an herbalist through and through. I got lucky that he decided to study with me. My plan- keep Monticue around for a long, long time and do anything possible to support him in carrying his medicine and message into the world. He is intuitive, spiritual and smart- impossible not to love him!”
~Shelley Torgove

Marian Shorb

“Marian is awesome and I tell her that on a regular basis! She is bright, beautiful and absolutely a people person. She was an outstanding herb student and has become a great herbalist. When I watch Marian work, I feel proud that I got to be her teacher- she researches things thoroughly and knows her stuff. Some of Marian’s ‘uplifting’ recipes and formulas recently wove their way into an article on ‘happiness’ in 5280 magazine!”
~Shelley Torgove

Letitia Salazar Monk

“Letitia is one of a kind! She is one of those truly wise women. She weaves her plant wisdom into a multi-cultural model of healing that supports community. I consider her a dear colleague and would very readily seek her guidance in all areas! Thanks for being part of our team!”
~Shelley Torgove

Dani Otteson

“Dani is the one in the store and in class that I can count on to remember and recall all the details of what she has learned. She remembers more of what I have taught than I do! She sits close to me in class- close enough so that when I forget to say something, I can just look at her way and smile- and she jumps in with the information or answer needed. She has a deep working knowledge of the plants, a strong spirit connection to the remedies and a gentle heart- all the qualities that make for a great herbalist and teacher.”
~Shelley Torgove

Shelley Torgove

Shelley is a practicing Clinical Herbalist, trained Fertility Awareness Instructor and Certified Massage Therapist. She is an international teacher and nationally recognized botanical medicine practitioner with over 23 years of experience, specializing in herbal medicine for women, fertility issues and menstrual cycle problems.