Meet the Teachers

The Teacher

Shelley Torgove is a practicing Clinical Herbalist, trained Fertility Awareness Instructor and Certified Massage Therapist. She is an international teacher and nationally recognized botanical medicine practitioner with over 24 years of experience, specializing in herbal medicine for women, fertility issues and menstrual cycle problems.

Shelley was one of the first students trained in Maya Abdominal Massage by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, Hortense Robinson and Beatrice Waight in Belize. Currently each year she leads students to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico to study traditional Maya healing as it is currently practiced today. Shelley has been working and co-teaching with Daniel Pool Pech, one of the great traditional Maya healers of our time, since 2006.

Shelley graduated from the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine in 1993 where she studied under Michael Moore and Donna Chesner. She is eternally grateful to many other mentors including: Aviva Gold for her Painting from The Source work; Ann Drucker and her earth-centered herbalism and shamanism teachings; Adam Seller and especially Cascade Anderson-Geller for sharing their herbal wisdom and love of ‘materia medica’; Estela Roman and Daniel Pool-Pech for their ongoing teachings of traditional medicine–both Aztec and Maya.



The Teachers Teacher’s

While I have had many teachers throughout the years, I want to give special thanks and honor to the most important three who inform my work, nourish and delight my spirit and do their best to teach me what they know. If we all only had another 100 years together, we might accomplish our goal of sharing fully our unique wisdom teachings with each other. I am honored that each of you calls me your friend and colleague. I’ve been very lucky, and now my students are the lucky ones. These three powerful souls bring to life the lineage you get to be part of. We are blessed to get to learn from the shared wisdom that was passed down to me from Maya healer Daniel Pool Pech who passed into the realm of the spirit in July of 2016. Most of my students end up working with my favorite and dynamite, spiritual thought leader and ‘change agent’, Santi Devi here in Denver. We are truly blessed when we get serious about our plant medicines and make the trek down to the desert we get to see herbalist Donna Chesner, from the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine- one of the absolute hidden gems and most knowledgeable and experienced women in the world of plant medicine and herbal field work. THANK YOU to all of you!