The “Tipte” and Maya Medicine for Women

The “Tipte” and Maya Medicine for Women
Valladolid & Xocen, Yucatan, Mexico with Shelley Torgove, Clinical Herbalist
2019 dates to be determined
(see information on pre-trip Intensive below)

Join us as we journey to the little pueblito of Xocen in the center of the Yucatan to spend 5 days immersed in traditional Maya medicine for women’s health. Our days will be spent in the company and home of partera/midwife DoñaMaria and her husband Don Bernardo. This husband and wife team of traditional healers is precious and powerful. They have been working together as healers in the community of Xocen for the last 30 years. Doña Maria is midwife attending births and providing community care for women before, during and after pregnancy and birth. Don Bernardo is a trusted herbalist and spiritual healer. Our focus is women’s health, womb health and traditional Maya concepts of health and imbalance. As always, we will be working in three languages, moving from Maya to Spanish to English and back again. Our dear friend Miguel Tun from Xocen will be our Maya translator and guide during our trip.

The focus of the teachings will be on understanding the Maya concept the ‘tipte’ and healing of the womb.

“The ‘tuch’ (umbilicus, or navel) radiates an energy which beats with life, and is fundamental to the health of the body. The energy resides in an organ called the ‘tipte’- in Maya and is commonly referred to in Spanish as ‘cirro’. This energy gives a woman the capacity to create life in her body and is considered essential to the strength or weakness of a person. It is believed that the navel is the center and the beginning of life in the body and that there are various illnesses that attack this part of the body. Diseases related to the ‘tipte’ are predominantly treated with herbal remedies and massage.”

A Traditional Medicine for Women’s Health Intensive will be held in Denver in preparation for our trip to Mexico.
This part of the training is required to participate in the trip. Building on the traditional medicine concepts learned from Rosita Arvigo, Hortence Robinson and Daniel Pool Pech over the last 16 years, I will do my best to share with you what I know so that we can arrive ready to learn from Doña Maria and Don Bernardo.

The intensive will cover the importance of uterine position and how it affects arterial blood flow, venous return and lymphatic drainage. We will cover potential causes of a ‘misplaced’ womb and the resulting health implications. We will cover basic anatomy and physiology of the uterus, traditional Maya concepts of health and disease, and the importance placed on elements of hot and cold. We will also go over the concepts of traditional spiritual illnesses that have been shared with me by my Maya teachers.

Cost: $1500 includes workshop, lodging and breakfast at Casa Marlene in Valladolid, a traditional Maya lunch prepared for us in Xocen. Other expenses not included are: cost of shared rental car (approx. $100), dinner each of the 5 nights (inexpensive), shopping adventures, optional activities other than the teachings and treatments with Doña Maria or Don Bernardo (suggested price is $60 per session).

Registration & Deposit: $400 Deposit (Non-refundable deposit due upon registration…as in right now, this workshop is around the corner!)  All students must fill out a short application prior to enrollment approval.

Note: This trip will be fun but it will be intense. It is short in duration but deep in wisdom. There is a certain amount of work we each need to do with ourselves to prepare, and work we need to do as a circle to prepare. If you have health issues (most of us do) and/or feel a lack of connection to your own womb center, it is highly recommended that you have at least one private session with Shelley before we leave. The more you know about your own body and your own self-care, the more you will learn! One of the things a trip like this always does is that it cracks open our deep wounds. As women healers, we welcome that within ourselves and within each other. We must do our best to look inwardly in preparation for these teaching. Our own experiences are always the initiation into the wisdom teachings. With that said, willingness to look within and seek help for yourself are requirements. This trip is not meant to serve a spiritual awakening, nor is it meant to heal all of our broken parts. It is meant to foster learning and the development of personal and professional tools to help ourselves and others.

*Option two if you are unable to make it for the dates for Traditional Medicine for Women’s Health Intensive in Denver, this required part of the training may be completed privately with Shelley. Cost is $1050 + the cost of the Mexico Trip.

About Valladolid and Xocen: Valladolid is a beautiful colonial city in the center of the Yucatan half way between the coast and the capital of Merida. We will be staying at Casa Marlene. It is a sweet little hotel with lush tropical gardens, a pool and amazing breakfasts. Xocen is a small little pueblo 20 minutes south of Valladolid. In the world of the Yucateco Maya they call it ‘el centro del mundo’, the center of the world. Xocen is a magical, ancient Maya pueblo famous for its role in the caste wars and was at the heart of the rebellion to and drive the Spaniards out of the Yucatan. It is a very sweet little pueblito with a powerful history. Our days will be spent in Xocen and our nights in Valladolid. I have been traveling to this part of Mexico with my students since 2006.

Shelley Torgove is a Clinical Herbalist specializing in Women’s Health and herbal medicine for women. She can frequently be found in the Yucatan learning and teaching traditional healing practices with her Maya family, friends and teachers. Shelley will be helping facilitate our travel in Mexico. She brings healing plant wisdom that we will put to use and 25 years of experience as a gypsy traveling and teaching in the land of the Maya.

See for more information about Shelley.