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Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Pure Aromatherapy
Take a deep breath and relax…essential oils make everything better!  The olfactory nerve leads directly to the brain and a healing aroma can evoke physical and emotional changes in the body in a matter of moments, effecting our mood and sense of wellbeing.

We offer our own line of authentic therapeutic grade essential oils sourced from family farms and growers all over the world. We provide “single note’ essential oils and traditional indian attars (precious flower oils extracted into a base of sandalwood or vetiver) and organic flower waters/hydrosols. We offer several classes in this aromatic art: Aromatherapy A-Z, Advanced Aromatherapy and an Exotic Oils & Natural Perfumes Class for those who fall in love at first smell!

Essential oils:
An essential oil is the aromatic essence of a plant. These concentrated volatile oils are extracted via steam distillation, co2 extraction and a few are made into what is called an ‘absolute’. Essential oils are used therapeutically to support good health. A few essential oils can be used at full strength, such as lavender and tea tree, but most essential oils must be diluted to be used safely.

Common Dilutions:
Inhalation – 1 drop on a tissue placed in nostril and inhale deeply.
Bath – depending on oil, 3-10 drops per bath.
Massage Oil/Lotion/Shea Butter Cream – 10- 12 drops per ounce of carrier, reduced by half for children, pregnant women and those who are extra sensitive.

Flower waters/hydrosols are the water based bi-products from the essential oil steam distillation process. Hydrosols are the most-gentle form of aromatherapy, making them ideal for children and a perfect flavorful addition to your water bottle, favorite tea or lemonade. Yummy!

Top 10 Favorites
1. Ravensara- Inhale frequently during cold season as prevention! Use during acute phase of colds, flus and sinus infections for instant relief.
2. Eucalyptus Radiata- Decongesting and anti-viral, safe for kids and pregnant women.
3. Rose- The queen of all flowers, it takes 60 fresh roses to make 1 drop of oil. Rose softens the heart, eases stress and grief.
4. Mandarin-The only citrus that is relaxing & sedating. Rub on bottoms of feet at bedtime for better sleep.
5. Peppermint- Gently cooling and uplifting, use on temples to relieve tension and sinus headaches.
6. Lavender- Everyone loves lavender! Relaxing in a warm bath and healing when applied topically to cuts and burns.  A must-have in everyone’s natural first-aid kit!
7. Bay Laurel- Used a drop or two in a hot shower to support a healthy lymphatic system, or apply a drop externally on swollen lymph nodes when you have a cold or sore throat.
8. Helichrysum – Used in the prevention and healing of scar tissue, can be used after surgery or c-section.  Considered the Arnica of essential oils…used for basic first-aid, bumps, bruises, etc.
9. Neroli- Distilled from fresh orange blossoms, use 3 drops in foot bath for anxiety/panic attacks or place one drop on a tissue and sit and inhale until you feel calm!
10. Roman Chamomile- One of our favorites…a gentle anti-spasmodic, used for tummy aches, muscle soreness. Very safe and effective.
{If you are pregnant…Please stop in to pick up our handout titled- The Aromatic Pregnancy:
Using Essential Oils Safely During Pregnancy, Birth & Post-Partum}