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Cultivating Fertility: The Path to Parenthood

Shelley is a nationally recognized botanical medicine practitioner and an international teacher with over 23 years of experience specializing in herbal medicine for women, fertility issues and menstrual cycle problems.

Her Cultivating Fertility work combines traditional Maya abdominal massage, herbal medicine, fertility awareness counseling and mind-body medicine. Shelley has worked with over a thousand couples and has seen hundreds of empowered women achieve successful pregnancies with beautiful babies as a result of this work

The Cultivating Fertility Intensive is the quickest, most efficient and affordable way for you to learn vital self-care techniques that can be put into practice immediately to improve your reproductive health and fertility.

The Intensive will teach you:

  • How to use herbal medicines effectively to support healthy ovulatory patterns and create the optimal uterine environment that favors conception- whether you are engaged in medical care or not.
  • To perform the simple self-care technique of traditional Maya uterine massage. This is an external abdominal massage used by traditional healers and midwives in Latin America to reposition the uterus as part of fertility care. It is gentle, safe and easy to do on your own.

(It is estimated that 70% of women have a tipped, tilted or somewhat prolapsed uterus. All of my Maya teachers have been herbalists. They all carry the same message- ‘herbs don’t have hands’- so both techniques are used simultaneously)

  • To create a safe place inside of yourself to heal the issues you are facing- your unique health concerns that may be impeding conception AND the very important issue of staying close to your partner- this means you move closer rather than farther away from each other during this potentially stressful time!
  • To turn stress patterns around so you feel more vital and capable of meeting your life head on and begin to trust that you can balance motherhood with working.
  • Other simple practical tools employed by traditional healers in Mexico- simple teachings- putting heat on the belly, no cold food, no cold feet. How to eat- what to eat, what not to eat. The art of warming the womb with moxa and more.
  • To make sense of the supplement ‘cocktail’ currently recommended by most reproductive endocrinology clinics so that you are clear on what you are taking and why.
  • To Never lose hope. Period. Hope and faith are not optional. They are absolutely vital!

Who should come to the Fertility Intensive?

  • ALL women, in ALL phases of the journey towards parenthood- from women just starting out to women in the middle of IVF cycles.
  • Women diagnosed with unknown fertility issues- women with normal AMH and FSH levels who should technically be able to get pregnant, but for unknown reasons have not been able to.
  • Women with recurrent miscarriage or pregnancy loss issues. This includes women who have achieved an early pregnancy with medical assistance, including IVF, yet have not maintained the pregnancy for unknown reasons.
  • Women who have been through medical treatment and not have not had success as well as women who have had success and are trying to get pregnant again!
  • Women with more complex reproductive issues, PCOS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids etc.
  • Women combining standard medical care and other complimentary medical treatments including acupuncture and hypnotherapy. WE work as a team!

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