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How to Use Herbal Tinctures

Our Extracts Are Fresh & Potent Herbal Medicines!

We offer single plant extracts, formula blends and custom formulated tinctures made just for you. Our organic herb and wild-crafted plant extracts are manufactured to meet the very specific and stringent FDA ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’ guidelines that went into effect in the natural products industry in June of 2009. This ensures that what you are getting in each drop is the highest quality product possible.

Single Plant Extract, Formula Blends, Custom Formulations & Alcohol-Free extracts

We can lovingly custom formulate a tincture based on your specific health needs or help you choose one of our Artemisia & Rue Formulas. Talk to us and we can decide together!

How Many Days & How Often Should I Take It?

*Daily Use For Strengthening Purposes- most ‘tonic’ or strengthening tinctures are used daily for several months to create change and balance. i.e. Reishi-Maitake for general immune support; Adren-Aid for adrenal support and energy and stress relief.

*Frequency: typically 3-4x daily

*Acute Use- examples include Relax for sleep issues; Anxiety Ease for stress; Arnica Liniment for sore muscles after massage.

*Frequency: acute dosing patterns are more frequent, so often up to every hour.

More About Dosages & Reading The Bottle

No matter what size the bottle is, the dropper is calibrated to draw up 30 drops, so when the dosage on the label reads 30-60 drops 4 times a day it means 1-2 dropperfuls 4 times a day. Certain herbs are used in drop dosages require more knowledge and care with use. Low dosages are also used with children. Herb to alcohol ratio is printed on the label. Our alcohol free extracts are labeled to indicate such. Fresh plant extracts are produced at a 1:2 herb to alcohol ratio; dry plants at a 1:5 ratio.

*You can evaporate the alcohol by placing the drops in a cup of recently boiled water. Alcohol is the most effective medium for extracting the wide range of plant constituents that make up an herbal medicine.