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Advanced Herbal Studies Mentorship Program in 2020

Advanced Herbal Studies Mentorship program – July 2020-December 2020

This Mentorship Program is designed to help you discover what you love most in the world of herbal healing. It will help you conquer the fears that stand in your way and to truly bring forth your personal BRILLANCE so you can create a body of work unique to you.

I encourage you to ask your yourself where you want to go with your herbal work and your life as a herbalist? Because there is no clearly marked path to follow, it makes this is both terribly exciting and frightening for everyone. As we walk in balance and beauty with the plants, we are deeply nourished, and for this we are grateful. But now it is time to cultivate the brave and fearless part of ourselves that will carry this work into the world. I call this the development of ‘the visionary-herbalist-healer-teacher-leader’ that resides inside each of you. She knows the path, and she knows your heart. She knows your mission and your life’s work. The Advanced Herbal Studies Mentorship program is for you if you desire to follow this path and become a strong, self-directed, professional herbalist. This may mean you work with clients, create an herbal product line, open a retail store, develop an herbal retreat or teaching center. The possibilities are endless.

Students who have completed the Artemisia & Rue Community Herbalist Program, or are currently enrolled in it, and students comparable herbal training are eligible to apply for this course of study with me. This training is limited to 12 students. In addition to our small group training, students in this program are encouraged to do the additional Individual Advanced Mentorship, one-on-one work with me where together we will work with clients and begin in earnest to develop the business ideas that excite you. *


Cost: $2,800

Topics Specific to Advanced Herbal Medicine

Working with the Plants
How to put together complete client protocols
Advanced medicine making techniques- percolation review, Neutralizing Cordial, Echinacea mucopolysaccharide extract and fluid extracts
Managing your own herbal pharmacy, sourcing herbs, essential oils and filling client formulas
Advanced formulation skills (we will review basic tincture formulation methods and build on that)
Case studies roundtable discussions and review of herbal strategies
Advanced Materia Medica
How to determine where you are strong and where you are weak in your Materia Medica knowledge
How to conduct a body systems review
How to address potential contraindications and what to do when you just don’t know what to do

Working with Others
How to build new client relationships
How to follow a detailed intake and assessment process
Cultivate key skills for staying in touch and following up with existing clients. – using client follow-up logs
Intake and Counseling skills for the herbalist

The Business of Herbal Medicine
Develop the skill-set of an independent herbal practitioner
Dreaming up a herb business – discovering your niche – stepping into it

Small Group Mentorship Includes:
Herbal pharmacy work (we will break into groups of 3 students + Shelley)
Dispensing and formulating Teas, tinctures, essential oils and flower essences
Free community clinic with Shelley –3 clients for 2 hours each