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Dear Prospective Herbalist to be…

Whether you are interested in learning herbal medicine to better understand and support your own health, or to be of service to your family and to share your wisdom with those in your community, we welcome you to join us on a journey of self-discovery. With 20+ years of teaching herbal medicine, we have come to realize that the only place we can ever truly start is with ourselves! Plant medicines gladly guide us to where we need to focus our own healing energies. We will learn therapeutic uses of plants based on body systems, and how to work hands-on with the herbs – both in the field and on a personal level.

Our learning focus is on both Western Herbal Medicine and Traditional Earth Centered Healing Practices. Your studies will include Western Herbal Medicine, focusing on medicinal plants of the Rocky Mountains, Desert Southwest, as well as the study of traditional healthcare practices of indigenous cultures. Our Women’s Herbal & Ethnobotanical Studies Program is focused on direct study of traditional Maya medicine as it is currently practiced in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. This unique combination truly sets this program apart!

You will notice that these earth-centered teachings are unique- we have a strong love of ethnobotany (the study of herbal medicine from native cultures), and have found that it is a crucial component of today’s healing work. As a society, we are no longer simply looking for physical solutions to health problems; we are seeking new tools for emotional and spiritual healing.

We select serious students who have a love of plants, a deep calling to be of service to others and humanity as a whole, and true commitment to carry on the lineage of the teachings that have been passed down to us.

Our Herbal Studies and Immersion Programs are open to those just starting out, healthcare professionals seeking to learn more about herbal medicine, and for those who may already have a solid back ground in herbal medicine wishing to deepen their knowledge and herbal wisdom.

Our classes are set up to accommodate folks with full-time jobs, parenting commitments and other active educational pursuits.

To learn more about Shelley, her teachers and the Community Herbalists, please see our Meet the Teachers Page.


If this path speaks to your heart you will know.

Shelley Torgove, Clinical Herbalist

Shelley is the owner of Artemisia & Rue and has been working directly with clients in a clinical setting for 23 years. Through her teaching, she shares her expertise in client-centered healthcare as it pertains to Western Herbal Medicine, her love for wild plant medicines, and the wisdom teachings that have been passed down to her from the traditional healers she has apprenticed with in Mexico and Latin America.  Shelley’s teachings demonstrate how to weave the working knowledge of Bio-regional herbalism (plants of the Rocky Mountains and Desert Southwest) with the beauty of Traditional Healing.