Drum Making and Women’s Circle Songs of the Spirit

Friday Evening, May 3, (6:30-9:30) and Saturday, May 4, (10-3)
The drum beat is something we all feel deep in our bones; it echoes the heartbeat of Mother Earth. The process of making a drum of your own is sacred and empowering. Discover your voice and the beauty of your divine feminine power in this workshop as we celebrate and pass along the tradition of drum making and the many songs that have been taught to us by our women teachers. They are cross-cultural and multi-generational songs about women and the elements of nature. Drums and song have the power to create community, calling us home to a place of ancient wisdom. The songs we will share have been sung by our elders in women’s circles around the world, in healing sessions and classes, outdoors in wild places and to our daughters. In this workshop, you will build your own traditional hoop drum. Choose the energy of the animal of the medicine drum you want to work with. Deer, Elk, Horse or Buffalo.
Cost: $150 plus the cost of your drum supplies
Drum making materials: $75-$160 depending on hoop size and type of hide chosen.

With Shelley Torgove 

Email shelley@artemisiaandrue.com to register.