Traditional Healing for Women’s Health Intensive

Friday and Saturday, October 18-19 (10-4)

My work in Mexico is at the center of my life; it is the gem in my heart that I want to share with you. Life has its many blessings that it bestows upon each of us. With these blessings come certain hardships. My life and its intersection with the world of my Maya teachers has been exactly that way. Powerful teachings, exciting adventures, shared wisdom, tests of loyalties, deep loss, spiritual awakenings, many tears and much laughter.

I am here to share with you what I have learned in my 17 years of study of traditional healing techniques, including Maya uterine massage, spiritual healing with plants and the community-based, folk medicine practices I have learned from my Maya Medicine teachers Rosita Arvigo, Hortense Robinson and Daniel Pool Pech.

We will gather together to honor of the ‘oral tradition’ of story-telling, sharing of photos, a film, and divine feminine wisdom. We will watch a very touching and powerful documentary called Sastun, about Rosita Arvigo and her apprenticeship with the great Maya shaman of Belize, Don Elijio Panti. Together we will create a circle of sisters and build a set of tools that you can draw upon to heal yourself in good times or bad.

The intensive will cover the importance of uterine position and how it affects arterial blood flow, venous return, and lymphatic drainage. We will cover potential causes of a ‘misplaced’ womb and the resulting health implications. We will cover basic anatomy and physiology of the uterus, traditional Maya concepts of health and disease, and the importance placed on elements of hot and cold. Most importantly you will learn specific women’s health self-care techniques that the Maya still practice today including how to do a “bajo”/yoni steam, self-care uterine massage and a plant brushing to heal spiritual maladies. We will sing, we will pray in a good way, and we will give gratitude to the lineage of teachers who have come before us as we celebrate the new beginning that this signifies for each of you.

With: Shelley Torgove, Clinical Herbalist
Cost: $300 

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