A&R Herbal Pharmacy

It is simple. Artemisia & Rue has a small community-based herbal pharmacy. We make custom formula tinctures, our favorite organic teas, and we offer select therapeutic-grade essential oils. We teach classes in herbal medicine, aromatherapy, and Earth Centered Healing Traditions. If you are a customer, client or student at Artemisia & Rue and wish have us fill your herbal formulas, send us an email or a Facebook message. We have designated days you can pick up your herbs. Tinctures are offered in 4oz and 8oz size bottles.

Our primary purpose is to weave together the traditions of Western Herbal Medicine and Traditional Earth-Centered Healing into everything we do. Our knowledge of the plants comes from a long lineage of beautiful and powerful teachers and have made it our life’s work to share all that we have learned. We work with the physical medicines of the herbs and the spiritual medicines of the plants. We help you cross the bridge between health care paradigms AND between herbal cultural traditions.

Herbal medicine is and always will be ‘THE MEDICINE OF THE PEOPLE.’ Herbs have always been considered home remedies used in folk medicine and powerful medicines capable of creating change. We trust the safety of herbal medicine and know that if most of us reach back but a generation or two, we find that our grandmothers or others in our family had a close relationship with the plants and a working knowledge of herbs and their medicinal uses.

Our herbs come from local organic gardens and are carefully gathered from wild-medicine gardens. With expert knowledge and a gentle heart, we have been making remedies in the time-honored traditions of western herbal medicine for 25 years.