Artemisia & Rue Western Herbal Medicine and Earth Centered Healing Traditions Herbal Studies and Immersion Programs

“People ask me how I got started with this work. It has been an ongoing love affair from the moment I was taught how to brew a medicinal tea. The second the plants hit the water, I was met with an overwhelming and undeniable knowing that this was indeed the only path for me. I have been blessed to have studied with many of the best herbal teachers of our time. I have taken those teachings and put them to work whole-heartedly in in Denver community for the last 24 years. With the help of a truly supportive and receptive community, I’ve taught hundreds of students over the years, many of whom are active herbalists and teachers here in Colorado. The message that I share is one of power and hope- that it is our responsibility and our right to keep these medicine traditions alive. Because we know that people are no longer simply looking for physical solutions to their health problems – they are seeking new tools for emotional and spiritual healing– the Herbal Studies & Immersion programs offered through Artemisia & Rue are dedicated to teaching what I call ‘Essential Herbalism’: herbal medicine that embraces change and honors tradition. I hope you will join me in this beautiful journey.”
Shelley Torgove, Clinical Herbalist and Principle Instructor

“For over 30 years, Michael Moore taught hundreds of people through his groundbreaking program at the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine.  Shelley Torgove was one of those people. I know of no other student of Michael’s who has worked harder, with more passion and integrity, to adapt and constantly expand herbal medicine into a Western clinical setting.  Her commitment to women’s reproductive and overall health issues has resulted in the creation of an invaluable and comprehensive body of knowledge in this field.   To work with Shelley is to be part of a dynamic interaction with the plant allies, steeped in respect for tradition, and infused with gratitude for the possibility of understanding and healing.”
Donna Chesner, Administrator Southwest School of Botanical Medicine