Teachings in the Yucatan

To truly learn traditional Maya healing wisdom, one must venture to the source. Join us as we travel to Valladolid and Xocen in the heart of the Yucatan. This trip is an opportunity to immerse yourself fully in Maya culture be immersed in traditional Maya medicine. Our days will be spent in the company and home of partera/midwife DoñaMaria and her husband Don Bernardo. This husband and wife team of traditional healers is precious and powerful. They have been working together as healers in the community of Xocen for the last 30 years. Doña Maria is midwife attending births and providing community care for women before, during and after pregnancy and birth. Don Bernardo is a trusted herbalist and spiritual healer. Our focus is women’s health, womb health and traditional Maya concepts of health and imbalance. As always, we will be working in three languages, moving from Maya to Spanish to English and back again

Honoring Daniel Pool Pech: In July of 2016 my dearest and closest Maya teacher and friend Daniel Pool Pech died. Daniel was honestly one of the great hidden treasures of our time and a true traditional Maya healer in the most humble sense of the word. Daniel and I worked together and taught together several times per year since 2006. I am working to honor the seeds we planted and continue to projects and teachings we started. He would be delighted to know that we have continued to work with DoñaMaria and Don Bernardo. Daniel had great respect for them both.