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My name is Shelley Torgove.
I am a Women’s Health & Fertility Expert.


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Awakening the Medicine Woman Mentorship

Traditional Healing Wisdom for A Feminine, Earth-Centered Healing Practice & Spiritual Life

For change-makers and herb-lovers who want to align themselves with a spirit-filled life, embracing spiritual principles that lead to more fulfilling life.

Feminine Centered Healing Traditions Program

Learn the physiology of the menstrual cycle, how women’s hormones work in the body and how to read women’s ‘vital signs’ through an introduction to fertility awareness.

We will cover the importance of uterine position, self-care womb massage as taught to me by my Maya teachers, and study the most important herbs for women’s health care issues and imbalances.
This is for women's self-care and/or professional training.

Women's Herbal & Ethnobotanical Studies Program

This is Shelley's Signature Program. A combination of herbal healing for women and the community-based, folk medicine practices I have learned from my Maya teachers over the last 20+ years.

It includes the study of traditional Maya uterine massage, spiritual healing with plants, and the acquisition of important skills we need to know as women to better understand our own health.
This is for women's self-care and/or professional training.

The Community
Herbalist Certification Program

This power-packed 12-month online training will plant you firmly on your path towards becoming an herbalist.

Follow your dream to bring herbal wisdom and healing traditions to your community!

Spiritual Teachings of the Medicine Plants

Dear Wisdom Seeker Ready for Change, This is your behind-the-scenes immersion into a world where spiritual healing principles and herbal medicines meet to catalyze a change in YOU.

Spiritual Principles That Lead To A More Peaceful & Fulfilling Life.


For plant lovers who have a strong desire for greater knowledge and self-sufficiency when it comes to taking care of yourself and your family.

This is your chance to transform your passion for herbs into healing wisdom you can put to use immediately.


with Shelley Torgove, Clinical Herbalist.

Focus on Your
Fertility Now

Vital Self-Care Practices to Tip the Scales in Favor of Conception.

This Program Is a Profoundly Nourishing and Informationally In-Depth Women's Self-Care Fertility Program.

This is Your Window of Opportunity to Get Pregnant! Don't Miss It!


If you feel drawn to the study of essential oils, meet me where the aromatic molecules of authenticity, ancient wisdom, and modern science mix!

The Aromatherapy Course is an aromatic adventure that is fun and accessible to all levels of learning and interest.


Give yourself a new set of heart-healing tools right NOW!

Top 5 Favorite Traditional Healing Self-Care Practices for Softening Sadness and Bringing Back Joy.

Fear & Fertility Are Not Friends

A time-tested solution to the deep-seeded FEAR and anxiety that you feel as a result of your fertility struggle. I will share with you a step-by-step process that honors the root cause of these feelings and provides you a reliable roadmap or way out!

To truly learn traditional Maya healing wisdom, one must venture to the source.

Join us as we travel to Valladolid and Xocen in the heart of the Yucatan. This trip is an opportunity to immerse yourself fully in Maya culture be immersed in traditional Maya medicine.

Shelley's Private Practice

Shelley’s Fertility Work

Whether you are local or flying to Denver to work with me, the method I use when working with women wanting to become pregnant is the same.

It is a “hybrid” model that gets the best results. In-person 1:1 Sessions are scheduled with me 4 consecutive days in a row. Each session lasts 2 hours. The ideal time for this part is from the end of menstruation up to 6 days post ovulation. There are exceptions to this based on individual circumstances.

The work I do with you also includes my 4-Module Online Focus on Your Fertility Now Program. The brightest healing gems of my work are found in the online program!

1:1 Client Work

My specialty is Women’s Health Issues. I am part herbalist, part bodyworker, and part mind-body medicine therapist. Let’s chat and decide what course of action and combination of work I do is best for you. I offer sessions in a package of 4 to help you achieve the results you deserve.

Online Access to Me

I am available for individual sessions and ongoing sessions via Zoom. I may pair some of what we do up with videos that I have created over the years to help you dive deeper into the topics we cover. Women love this part!

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This e-book is hock-full of proven, practical, and delicious healing recipes…

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