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In 1996, I opened an apothecary and began to teach and work privately with clients, which I do to this day. Since that time I have trained hundreds of herbalists and it brings me a great sense of joy and fulfillment to know that those seeds have spread far and wide and are blooming.

I continue to see clients in my private practice, teach and train at both a local and international level and I love my work.

Artemisia & Rue continues to thrive as an herbal education program specializing in herbal healing for women integrating western herbal medicine with traditional healing practices.

Artemisia & Rue Shelley Torgove

"My love of herbal medicine has been a decades-long affair. It began as a passionate adventure in listening to and following my heart, in doing what I love most!"

My work in Mexico is at the center of my life...

It is the gem in my heart that I want to share with you.

Life has its many blessings that it bestows upon each of us. With these blessings come certain hardships. My life and its intersection with the world of my Maya teachers has been exactly that way.

Powerful teachings, exciting adventures, shared wisdom, deep loss, spiritual awakenings, many tears, and much laughter.

The trip to Yucatan is an opportunity to immerse yourself fully in Maya culture and to be immersed in traditional Maya medicine.

honoring Daniel Pool Pech

In July of 2016 my dearest and closest Maya teacher and friend Daniel Pool Pech died. Daniel was honestly one of the great hidden treasures of our time and a true traditional Maya healer in the most humble sense of the word. Daniel and I have worked together and taught together several times per year since 2006.

I am working to honor the seeds we planted and continue to projects and teachings we started.

My work evolves as I grow and change

In the future, you will see much of what I offer move into a ‘retreat’ style format as I seek more meaningful ways for women to learn and connect with the healing wisdom that sustains us.

A more detailed study of the divine feminine

The focus is new and inspiring and will merge with past creative offerings like process painting for women.

This work will include a more detailed study of the divine feminine- both as she is celebrated today and deeper study to gain perspective on ‘herstory’- more clearly understanding our collective past so that we can create a more powerful future.

"I am deeply and forever grateful to each of you in this community."

You have guided, supported and made my work
possible in the world. I bow with love to each and every one of you and look forward to continuing the journey in a new
and deeply nourishing way.

- Shelley Torgove, Clinical Herbalist -

A&R Community


You are the center of our community.

Shelley is smart, funny, real, compassionate, passionate, and chock full of herbal knowledge! In my seven years of herbal courses, trips to the Yucatan, and medicine making with Shelley, the experience has been one of profound wisdom gathering, fun and laughter, and a lot of growth.

She is not only a teacher and mentor but a lady of service, who always shares what she knows and helps where she can.

- Melana Meyer -

“Studying with Shelley has profoundly changed how I experience life. I've come away with not just the knowledge of how to incorporate plants into my life to nurture, nourish and heal my body, mind, and spirit, but how to better connect to myself and others through the lessons that plants teach us.

Shelley's teaching style is playful and compassionate while building the foundations of strong materia medica study and practice.”

- Catharine McCord -

Artemisia & Rue’s Community Herbalist program equipped me with the skills and knowledge to pursue herbalism in the ways closest to my own heart — many of which I would never have fallen in love with (including teaching!) had it not been for Shelley’s influence and encouragement.

I consider her not only an excellent teacher, but a compassionate and supportive friend.

- Dani Otteson -

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